MayDay means Help Me. That's what we at Pink Bee Project intend to do. Pollinate the world with life and love.

Every purchase helps us help someone in need. And you get cool stuff too.

You might be wondering what Mission Mayday is. It is a ministry designed to specifically help churches who love God and people learn how to do outreach in a relational way and integrating worship and worship teams and teaching about the importance of worship FIRST! Thanks for helping us pollinate!!

Hi Everyone!!! Thank you so very much for dropping by Pink Bee Project! In the picture, you see some of the most beautiful kiddos I have ever spent time with and yours truly teaching the wee ones a song. This is just one of the forms of outreach MayDay offers to organizaions all over the USA!

Imagine with me if you will...

Feeling so alone. So abandoned, that you felt like the only thing that would listen to you was the bathroom wall. That's where i found this phrase to the right. Rudely carved into a bathroom stall at a roller rink in up state NY. That place isn't filled with grown people who know how to process their emotions. It's filled with children. Young and sometimes so very alone. Part of our mission is to search out the ones that feel like misfits or outcasts, those who are lonely and feel abandoned, who feel like this kid. We want to find those kiddos and grown people too and let them know that it is not. your. fault.

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a bit about us

Did You Know...

All Products sold go to help start up Mission Mayday which is an in=reach into the church to help them learn how to do out reach. Because people don't realize thier value or that God is real and is very intersted in their life. So we make it our goal to teach people how to reach people. Pollinate the hearts and minds of those we meet with love and truth and most importantly relationship. Thak you for shopping with us!

Also soon you will see the Mission Mayday Shuttle bus getting ready to go out on her mission. To be light and love and give weary hearts a respite.

Keep Sharing this page and I will keep putting new, relevant products here and together we can really change the world!!!!

Lets RUN together towards those shouting "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!" at the top of their lungs so we can give them something real!